Paris Autumn installation

The solo exhibition of the  Paris Autumn project transformed each gallery space into a movie theatre experience, where the film was screened in a curtained space while stills, portraits, posters and lobby cards created around the film were shown on walls painted with different shades of red.

Paris Autumn installation view, Chemould Prescott Road, Mumbai 2009


Paris Autumn installation view, Chemould Prescott Road, Mumbai 2009

Paris Autumn ( 2006)

An experimental short film by Pushpamala N
Created from still photographs
B&W  35 mins.  English, stereo Sound
Paris-India 2006
Screening ratio 4:3


Script, Production and Direction: Pushpamala N
Photography:  Cedric Sartore and Pushpamala N
Editing and Sound Design:  Sankalp Meshram



Pushpamala N, Gabrielle Soyer, Cedric Vincent, Bernard and Gwenolee Zurcher, Cedric Sartore, and the people of Paris


Paris Autumn is a work of fiction in the style of a gothic thriller, which tells the story of the artist’s stay in Paris in the autumn of 2005. While she rents a room in one of the oldest streets in the Marais, strange happenings begin to occur. It was then she realises she is living in the outhouses of the mansion that had once belonged to Gabrielle d’Estrées, King Henri IV’s favourite, who died, poisoned no doubt, at the age of twenty-six just as she was about to marry the king.

From that moment on, Pushpamala had to find out about this woman who had come to such a tragic end. Pushpamala’s quest begins at the Louvre, opposite The Fortune Teller by Caravaggio and continues in the kitsch atmosphere of the Chapelle des Petits-Augustine. The action takes place at various points throughout Paris that Pushpamala, stroller and detective graced with the gift of ubiquity, assembles into a strange map with Haussmannian perspectives, where the Eiffel Tower and cafés follow images of urban violence. Pushpamala seems to read the world like a “complex and stratified, open and enigmatic” literary work that she makes up as she weaves her way through a mysterious urban territory where, right down to the flow of the images, we find the “halting” nature of the City according to Benjamin, like a succession of paintings put together with brushstrokes. Bernard Zürcher



Poster for Paris Autumn film

black and white offset print, no edition, 23×36 inches, 2008


Paris Autumn Stills ( 2008)

10 black and white photographs, 20×24 inches each, edition of 10

Paris Autumn Stills/ the First Visitation

silver gelatin print, 20 x 24 inches, 2006-2008

Paris Autumn Stills/ The Ghost in the Chapel

silver gelatin print, 20×24 inches, 2006-2008

Paris Autumn Stills/ Phone call to ‘C’

silver gelatin print, 20 x 24 inches. 2006-2008

The Graphic Posters

4 black and white prints, 28 x 38 inches, each in an edition of 10, 2008

Paris Autumn Graphic Posters/ The Chinese Bar

inkjet print, edition of 10, 2008

Paris Autumn Graphic Posters/ The Underground City

inkjet print, edition of 10, 2008

The Star Portraits

3 black and white photographs, 20 x 24 inches, edition of 10 each,  2008

Paris Autumn Star Portraits/ The Spectre, black and white photograph, edition of 10, 20×24 inches

The Lobby Cards

10 black and white prints, 10x 12 inches, each in an edition of 10, 2008

Paris Autumn/ Lobby card 1

black and white print, edition of 10, 10 x 12 inches, 2008

Paris Autumn / Lobby card 3

black and white inkjet print, 10×12 inches, edition of 10, 2008

Installation view of The Lobby Cards which were pinned in velvet lined red wooden boxes in groups.

Paris Autumn / the Lobby Cards

installation view, Nature Morte Delhi 2008

Paris Autumn / The Fortune Teller

black and white photograph, 27x 40 inches,    edition of 10, 2008